Recycling Center specialized in Industries


We are the result of the experience of 3 generations.

The history of Reciclacentro begins in 1968 in the city of Puebla, Mexico. The road has been a long one, followed by three generations dedicated to the specialized recycling of ferrous material. The three generations uphold their commitment to work, society and the environment as well.

Reciclacentro is a company which calling has focused on the industry of generation of scrap. We work as a strategic partner for our clients as well as suppliers, and it is because of this reason that our history has been about building solid and strong relationships, with a long term vision. We have developed recycling programs in the industry as tailored suits for each and every company.

Reciclacentro has grown into an organization capable of providing services of collection, processing, purchasing and selling of ferrous and non ferrous scrap. Our trajectory allows us to be recognized given our professionalism, honesty and service.

As for the future, in order to continue growing, we have a highly skilled team, specialized equipment and a strong spirit of honesty and hard work.